Sales Team coaching & sales team assessment


 Sales Team Coaching

How do youget the best from your sales team every day? From extra help in the form of one to one coaching?
We can provide each individual team member with personal coaching, help motivate them, increase performance and productivity, creating a personal activity strategy to encourage them to achieve their goals.

  • How do you keep thier sales skills as high as possible for the maximum amount of time?
  • How do you ensure your sales team applies the highest sales standards and follow the process you have evolved to manage their sales?
  • What do you do to prevent that bad habits creep back in, followed by a drop in performances?
  • What if sales team members are looking for alternative employment to further their careers, because you are not providing the support they require?
  • How are you going to find your rising stars for the future in your team?
  • The Answer is Outsourced Sales Team Coaching from Sales Management Consultants. 

Personal Coaching revolves around regular one to one sessions for each team member. It is a cost effective programme through three-monthly contact, where there is no need for an expensive in-house person on stand by. This is a natural progression from the sales training, so continuity for sales staff is guaranteed. The Coaching Programmecan be tailored to accommodate the requirements of both the sales person and the circumstances and provides full documentation for both employee and company for record purposes and follow on as necessary.


Sales Team Assessment

Do you want an independent Assessment of your sales team?
Whether your sales team is new or has been in existence for some time you need to know how effective they really are. We can give either a brief or a full assessment of the team's performance against targets and goals, assisting in monitoring over a short or extended period of time to give a reliable picture of skills, behaviour and attitudes towards the tasks set by you and your company.

We have flexible terms and rates to suit your needs and budgets. 

Please give us a call to find out how we can help you with coaching and team assessment. 

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