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Interim Sales People from Sales Management Consultants

Do you require extra sales resources to increase your sales activity? 

Your business relies on sales and sales staff. Market conditions constantly change and with the current economic conditions you need more than ever to ensure that your company continues to function and operate to maximum capacity. 

How do you continue to make sales while facing staff changes? What should you do? How do you fill the gap while you recruit?

What do you do when your company resources are currently too small to stand the high costs of full time sales staff, while you need sales staff to get the company at a higher level?

What do you do when your company faces constant turnover of sales staff? What if you need time and people to train your new sales staff, while sales must continue and the company perform?

Or what if you require extra help because you have the chance to exploit new markets or new product lines, how can you do this?

Our Interim Sales People are experienced and fully trained in:

Account Managers
Direct Sales Managers
Channel Managers
Business Development Managers 

All can instantly fit in, perform to high standards and get sales results. Using experienced interim people is a cost effective way to solve your short term sales requirements.


Interim Sales Managers from Sales Management Consultants

What happens when you lose your Sales Manager? 

Who is going to manage the sales team and maintain sales? How do you keep the sales team engaged? 
You will need time to find the right replacement and we can offer an Interim Sales Manager to take on the responsibility of the sales team, keep them motivated at the highest levels and ensure continuity of delivery.

What do you do when your sales team is a success and grows, but you don’t have a Sales Manager?

What if you wish to have a Sales Manager, but can not afford the risk to employ an unproven full time Sales Manager?

What if you have to introduce a new product line alongside your existing product strategy and process, while your existing team has no spare time? 

We all need extra sales staff from time to time, in an economical and cost effective manner, but can you risk a new permanent full time sales manager at this time?

Our experienced Outsourced Interim Sales Managers can instantly get on with the job and perform within a short time to produce results. It is a cost effective way to solve your short terms sales management requirements. 
An Interim Sales Manager will be able to take charge of your sales team, motivate them, support them and encourage sales, while you look for a permanent employee or as long as the demand exists.


Outsourced Business Development Managers from Sales Management Consultants

Do you require a Business Development Manager but have limited budgets and resources for a full time person?

The answer is Outsourced Business Development Managers from Sales Management Consultants.

A business development specialist from Sales Management Consultants will transform your business through analytical preparation of potential opportunities for the growth of your business and subsequent support and monitoring of its implementation. 
Both in the development and the implementation phase, our business developer collaborates and integrates the knowledge and feedback from your organisation’s specialist functions, for example: R&D, Production, Marketing and Sales to ensure that your organisation is capable of implementing the growth opportunity successfully. 
The tools we use to address the business development tasks are the Business Model answering "how do we make money" and its analytical backup, road-map for implementation and the Business Plan. Our Outsourced Business Development Manager will develop the right relationships, value and timing to grow and expand your business.

The process of business development can be applied to just about any size of company. Even companies that are small in size need business development in order to remain stable and to achieve growth over time. Using an Outsourced Business Development Manager when you need them will benefit your business through focus on the task and be financially cost effective. 

Please call for advice on how to engage an Outsourced Business Development Manager from Sales Management Consultants. 

And Interim staff are available from Sales Management Consultants, full or part time, for as short or as long a period as you require without the need to employ full time staff. 

We are “Always at Hand”.