outsourced business management


Business Management and Strategic Development

Your business relies on a good strategy, an efficient operation, effective people producing revenue. From time to time these factors diminish and your ability to change the situation may become unclear or difficult to work out from within the business.

The requirement for an Outsourced Business Manager to look at your business and assess “what to do” and “how to do it” is sometimes the only way to make change happen. 

We provide Outsourced Business Manager’s to help understand your company and find a way to help it get back on track. Our business managers will utilise years of experience running different companies, to work alongside existing owners or management teams to work in synergy to ensure all parties’ gain trust in the outsourced business manager to evolve and implement change. 

We use a number of tools and techniques to understand and offer a wide range of solutions to fit the requirements. 

These can be:

  • To think creatively, analysing and monitoring existing business activity, markets, existing customers and potential markets
  • Make logical decisions; to interpret and use management information
  • Devise strategies to ensure succession with new business acquisitions 
  • Research and indentift customer needs to generate leads for new business/existing development
  • Understand customer interaction and how this effects the business 
  • Work closely with senior management with the ability to lead, inspire others and to drive business development forward
  • To use initiative and to champion an ethical and socially responsible approach to business. 

Business Decision Areas: 

  • Marketing, the marketing concept, the marketing mix, target markets, market research
  • Operations, input, process and output, distribution and delivery, types of operations, quality 
  • Finance role and importance of Finance, accounts, ratio analysis, cash budgets, users of Financial information, sources of Finance
  • Human Resource Management, role and importance of Human Resources, changing patterns of employment, recruitment and selection, Training and Development, motivation and payment methods, Employee Relations, Legislation.

Please call for advice on how an Outsourced Business Manager from Sales Management Consultants can make a difference in your business. 

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