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Managing sales people has never been so challenging or expensive! Sales Management Consultants can replace lost sales people quickly with outsourced staff.

Your business relies on a good strategy, an efficient operation, effective people producing revenue. From time to time these factors diminish and your ability to change the situation may become unclear or difficult to work out from within the business.

We can provide each individual team member with personal coaching, help motivate them, increase performance and productivity, creating a personal activity strategy to encourage them to achieve their goals.

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outsourced interim staff from smc


Sales and Business Development


Managing sales people has never been so challenging or expensive! Sales Management Consultants can replace lost sales people quickly with outsourced staff!

How do you react when these situations occur in your business?

  • Good sales people are excellent assets, but what do you do when you lose one or more from the team?
  • What if you lose your Sales Manager, who will manage the team while you look for a new leader?
  • There is a new market opportunity, but do not have time to research, evaluate and plan for it. Who can do it for you?
  • Your business is growing fast and you need experienced Business Management to help shape it? Where can you get someone fast?
  • You need extra HR help to implement a proper staff appraisal system, which is both simple and can be reproduced, but how do you find the time? Which key elements does it need to contain to be effective for both you and your staff?

The answer is: Outsource your sales team with Interim Sales or Business Development Managers from Sales Management Consultants. 

We have experienced sales and Business Development people ready to assist you on a temporary basis when pressures require an instant response. 

Due to our experience we are able to tailor our support to your specific requirements allowing your business to move forward. 

Sales Recruitment and HR


Do you need resource finding and selecting the right person for your vacancy just when you need it but not all the time?
Our experienced Outsourced Sales Recruitment Managers can help you from start to finish. We can help build the job specification, the right profile for your vacancy and then help you with the process to acquire the right person through the interview process.

Sales Management Consultants has a flexible approach to working with its clients and can adapt to suit your needs and requirements too. If you require our expertise for a short period of time until your product or program is up and running, a short term consultant will be more cost effective than a full time employee.

Sales Training and Coaching


We also carry out sales training, organisational development, and executive coaching services that are tailored to your business, your challenges, and your people. Our training solutions are based on your real business issues, your problems and our experience. We use the context of your business to develop the strategies and behaviours necessary for success in today's market conditions. If you are looking for personel development we have NLP trained consultants who can help you discover where you want to be and how to get there.